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Electrolysis Rust Remover 

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Electrolysis Rust Remover 

Written By: stan the toolfool 



Battery charger (1) 

Plastic bucket (1) 

5' to 25' Steel wire. Rebar tie wire works 

qreat! (1) 

wooden stick or plastic pipe (1) 

washing soda (1) 

Step 1 — Electrolysis Rust Remover 

• Nasty, rusty lathe tools. 

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Electrolysis Rust Remover 

Step 2 

• Get a battery charger, plastic bucket washing soda (not soap!), some plain steel wire (no 
stainless, ever!) and a stick or plastic pipe. Next is the fun part, but it is not the safest. 

HANDS! Be careful, ventilate, no sparks, and wear gloves. 


Step 3 

• In your PLASTIC bucket pour some clean water and about 1 tablespoon per gallon of 
washing powder. The amount does not have to be precise. 

• Then with plain steel wire make a cage to closely fit the inside of your bucket, all 
electrically connected, with a lead above the edge. 

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Electrolysis Rust Remover 

Step 4 

• Suspend your rusty part from the 
pipe or stick with wire, submerged, 
making sure it does not touch the 
steel basket lining the bucket. Do 
not use copper like I did. Use steel 
wire, the same as for the cage. 
Make sure the two poles ( positive 
and negative ) never touch. 

• Make sure your work area is well 
vented! Unplug your 12-volt battery 
charger. Set it to about 2 amps. 
Hook the positive (red) lead to the 
bucket basket and the negative 
(black) lead to the rusty part lead. 
Plug the charger in and look at the 
meter; it should be drawing about 2 
amps. If it is a lot more or things 
are smoking, UNPLUG! The part 
will slowly start fizzing. When it 
stops (a couple of hours later, 
depending on the part), unplug your 
charger and remove your part. 
Clean the black slime off of it and 
paint or oil it to protect it. 

• The water is NOT toxic; it is safe to 
pour down a drain. It is just soap 
and steel. The process should have 
removed any loose paint also. 

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Electrolysis Rust Remover 

Step 5 

• Your parts should look like this 
now! All this and more at ! 

This can be made from scrap materials and recycled or re-used when finished. It is very simple 
to make when you understand the simple process, You can improve on your next one! It will not 
last, the cage is a consumable. Build it custom for each project, do not over-think this. K.I.S.S. 

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